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Hochzeitsfotograf Bochum NRW Boho Natürlich


I am Darya! I'm excited that you want to learn a little more about me :) I was born in the beautiful city of Kharkiv in Ukraine. When I was around 7 years old, I moved to the gorgeous Ruhr region in Germany. The passion for photography was ignited in me by my grandpa, who was my best friend back then. We used to take photos together all the time and develop them in the bathroom ("darkroom"). Even after the move to Germany, I continued pursuing photography... perhaps it was my way of staying close to my grandpa. And now? Well, I quit my job as a civil engineer to pursue what I truly love! Photography! I want to capture all those small and big moments for you, the ones that can easily fade into oblivion. I understand how suddenly memories become so important and that is the reason why I care so much to capture them all.

Wenn ich nicht in Bochum bin, dann reise ich mit meinem Van When I'm not at home, I travel across Europe with my camper van. I can't get enough of that feeling of absolute freedom. It's simply wonderful to explore the world and have my bed with me all the time. Isn't that exactly what we wished for as children?! During the colder half of the year, I transform into an enthusiastic DIY person. Whether it's working on the van, at home, or in the garden, I'm always tinkering and creating.

I live in Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia, but I feel at home anywhere in the world!

Very important

Fun Facts

About me

I love documentaries - especially about stars, planets and the universe.

I'm afraid of the dark! Recently I couldn't watch the documentary "The Earth at Night" because it was too scary for me. If I turn off the light somewhere, I usually run away quickly and don't turn around..hihi

What I absolutely hate: hanging out the laundry. I have no idea why, but somehow I have a problem with it.

The alarm clock is always set an hour earlier than I actually have to get up. I try to simulate a cuddly Sunday in bed every morning. 

I eat at least one lemon a day! Is that healthy? I think I could win any "Center Shock" challenge.

I have a problem with German proverbs! I kind of mix everything up and then invent my own.

Borscht and other delicacies from my Ukrainian home are my passion!

Sea you soon!

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